Who We Are

Our Teamwork = Your Success

We leverage the vast resources, services, tools, and strengths of our Newmark global commercial real estate parent organization to help our clients achieve success. Our highly experienced and tight-knit team has substantial legal and financial expertise and has worked and played together for several years. We collaborate on every assignment and our focus is always on utilizing our unique skill set to satisfy the specific needs of each client — the tenant/occupier of commercial office space. The McGrath DePizzol difference is directly correlated to the pride we take in our work, the strength of our relationships, the volume of industry intelligence and knowledge we possess, and the level of caring we have and demonstrate to every client.

How We‘re Different

We know how to put you in a position to succeed:

  • We only represent tenants/occupiers
  • We understand real estate finance and the value that tenants create for owners
  • We understand supply/demand nuances of various real estate markets
  • We are expert negotiators to minimize cost, maximize flexibility, and mitigate risk
  • We know the right questions to ask at the right time
  • We communicate clearly and effectively with all parties
  • We listen and pay attention to details
  • We manage the timeline to our clients' advantage
  • We complete the due diligence required for accurate financial analysis and avoid uncomfortable 'surprises'
  • Our process is designed to support the final decision to senior management, boards, partners, and peers

Our Principles

Human resources is the largest expense a company incurs; occupancy cost is the second largest — real estate impacts both. Well-designed space can project a company’s unique culture and improve employee productivity, retention, and recruitment. We believe that companies that are willing to be strategic and invest the necessary time and resources can create cost-effective space to support their business, positively impacting their bottom line.

We utilize more than just 'market comps' that traditional brokers rely on; we are relentless advocates for our tenant clients and are not encumbered by landlord agency relationships.  Our methodology allows large tenants to step outside of the confines of the real estate market; by isolating, analyzing and negotiating individual components of cost from a position of strength and leverage, we help our clients consistently outperform the market.

We believe that there are multiple layers of strategy when representing larger tenants in sophisticated commercial real estate assignments. The stakes are high in commercial real estate and the risks and costs are real.  Companies that understand the importance of strategy and hire the right advisory team will increase their odds for success. You can rely on McGrath DePizzol to serve as a true advocate for your interests and be able to think and act strategically. We're only successful when we arrive at a deal that exceeds your expectations and delivers true value to your business.

Our analytical approach and attention to detail allows our clients to make fully informed objective decisions and prevents the incurrence of unbudgeted expenses and capital costs due to shallow evaluation. We also stay intimately involved with the negotiation from start-to-finish which  minimizes the chances of meaningful details and nuances slipping through the cracks and eroding the value of the transaction. We negotiate all major economic and non-economic terms in a competitive context with several landlords competing for your tenancy.  Time and time again, we have found that this approach leads to below market economics and above market flexibility for our tenant clients.

Not all brokers have the same level of expertise or provide the same level of skill, care, and service during an engagement -- nor will they achieve the same results on behalf of their client. Our highly skilled team possesses the unique combination of strategic consulting, due diligence, financial analyses, lease negotiation skills, and transaction execution expertise that sets us apart from our competitors and provides tangible value to our tenant clients. We provide our service for the same cost as traditional market brokers which we believe provides our clients with a measureable increase in return on investment.

Our People


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