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Commercial real estate transactions are complex and the stakes are high. The McGrath DePizzol team seamlessly combines our experience, market knowledge and understanding of real estate finance to help our clients make smart decisions and execute transactions at the highest level. We build the right team for each engagement and effectively serve as your quarterback throughout the process, saving you time and money while ensuring the optimal result.

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Strategic Consulting

At the beginning of all of our engagements we help our clients understand their current position including fully escalated costs and critical dates. From there we help identify goals and objectives including location, budget, size of space, image and other critical factors that will define a successful outcome. In addition, we prepare and actively manage a project timeline to ensure that all options remain open and negotiating leverage is maximized. From workplace strategy, to market analysis, to financial modeling and lease vs. own analysis -- our expertise can be leveraged to determine the best path forward.

Lease Restructures / Renewals

In many instances, our clients like their current building, location and overall space and the optimal solution may be to renew or restructure an existing lease. The challenge is that often times landlords make windfall profits if this negotiation is done in a vacuum. In order to avoid that and help our clients participate in the value creation for the landlord, we execute a thorough process of helping our clients understand and define their space requirements, analyze the marketplace for suitable alternatives, create an organized competition amongst viable landlords, and vet all associated costs. We are often able to restructure existing leases in advance of the expiration to reduce costs and obtain concessions to complete interior remodeling.


If location parameters have changed, living through a major renovation is not feasible or a new office is needed then a relocation may be the best solution. We help our clients understand preferred location, define their space requirements, analyze the marketplace for suitable alternatives, create an organized competition amongst viable landlords and negotiate favorable economic and lease terms. After the transaction is finalized, our team helps manage the tenant improvement construction and move so that our clients are able to focus on running their business.

Build to Suit/New Construction

For larger tenants who are seriously considering a brand-new building, we create a process of transparency in building design specifications and overall project cost that provides control and generates significant cost savings as compared to a traditional developer-controlled transaction. In addition, through our Newmark Capital Markets team, we are able to source the long-term debt and equity at the beginning of the process and further reduce costs by arbitraging financing structures.

Workplace Strategy and Space Design

People are the lifeblood of a successful company; HR costs are significant and technology continues to evolve. Workplace Strategy is the dynamic alignment of business, culture, technology, and work patterns with the physical environment that enables peak performance, lowered costs, and improved quality of life for employees. Our team helps leaders create spaces that support culture, collaboration and increase performance and satisfaction.

Labor Market Analysis

Well qualified and cost-effective labor is the driving force for growth. In today’s marketplace many companies are exploring alternate locations for many reasons including availability and cost of qualified talent. As part of location strategy consulting, our team helps identify unemployment/employment, migration, education pipeline and detailed wage analysis for target markets.

Municipal Incentives

For companies entering new markets, spending significant capital on real estate, and/or creating jobs, we have a dedicated practice group that analyzes and negotiates economic development incentives. We will complete a feasibility analysis, financially model the range of available benefits, outline the terms and conditions and determine capacity of state and local governments to provide benefits. Depending on the state or municipality, the incentive packages can be significant and often times, impact location decisions.
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