The Backlash of Open Plan Office Space

January 9, 2017

It seems that finally corporate office space users are starting to realize that a full open plan space design is not a one size fits all solution. I have been scratching my head for close to a year wondering when this realization would occur. While open plan does have advantages in increasing collaboration and reducing the overall space footprint and associated cost, there are also several disadvantages. Perhaps the biggest is that for people that need to focus and get work done there is a significant hit to productivity and overall satisfaction. Unfortunately, while it is relatively easy to measure the cost savings associated with a decreased footprint it is difficult to measure the impact on lost and reduced productivity. I believe that if this could be accurately measured the “net” cost savings are minimal at best.

In my opinion, smart executives will not just follow the herd to build out their next office space. Rather they will take some time to analyze how their employees really work and create a space to support that environment. All it really takes is a team of smart people that aren’t afraid to challenge the staus quo and some time to be thoughtful about the unique requirements of their company and workforce.

Please control/click on this link for a recent article published in the Wall Street Journal that goes into greater detail. Companies look for ways to add privacy and quiet areas without reverting to the traditional office…

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