Back To The Office!

June 1, 2021

Newmark re opened our Denver office to full capacity effective June 1st and it is good to be back. After working primarily from home for the past fourteen months, getting dressed in business casual was different and commuting was a hassle. However, there is a feeling that we are here to work and there is an energy associated with being surrounded by your peers that you just don't get at home. The world has changed and it seems clear that there will be an adjustment period for most people getting back to work in an office (or maybe it is just me?).

Yes, there will be hybrid models and more flexibility to work from home as needed. However, being in the office creates energy and builds culture and collaboration that is tough to do while at home. Over the past six months I've been privvy to many conversations with current and prospective clients about this issue and what it means for overall office size, employee productivity, morale and engagement. I'm fascinated by what is going to happen with office users and their employees both in Denver and nationally. One thing seems certain to me and that is - there won't be a "one size fits all" solution. The leaders of companies that make thoughtful decisions regarding working from the office and home for their business and employees just may find that they created a competitive edge vs those that follow the herd.

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