How We Do It

Your Business First - Then Real Estate

Human resources is generally the largest expense a company incurs — occupancy cost is normally second; office space impacts both. We have a long track record of executing transactions that minimize costs, maximize flexibility and mitigate risks. While we take pride in our negotiating skills, finalizing a transaction is the culmination of all of our work helping our clients to decide the best option for them.

We help our clients consider headcount, growth, space design, location, image and budget at the very beginning of an engagement. This knowledge forms the foundation for a thoughtful plan and provides a framework to evaluate buildings and make smart decisions. We are not in business to just 'do deals.' We are in business to partner with our clients and be their advisor and advocate in the complex and competitive arena of commercial real estate.

Proven Process, Tailored to Your Requirements, Delivering Results

Our sophisticated and proven process is designed to give our clients the power to make intelligent decisions and negotiate from a position of strength. In addition, our clients have peace of mind knowing that they have secured the best space for their business under the most favorable terms and conditions possible.

Summarize Current Situation — Quantify fully escalated costs, critical dates
Space Program and Needs Analysis — Future state
Timeline — Maximize leverage
Market Analysis  — Uncover all building options
Proposals — Outline all pertinent terms
Financial Analyses — Building & space
Due Diligence —  Building & space
Organized Competition — The most important piece of negotiation
LOI/Lease — Finalize all details

Our Tools = Understanding Where You Are, Projecting Where You Want to Be

Having the right data in front of you is a critical factor in making the right decisions and avoiding missed opportunities. Our team utilizes a suite of sophisticated tools to evaluate your current state and forecast all of the considerations and conditions necessary to achieve your ideal end state. These tools include:

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